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Security professionals throughout the country have embraced specifying Aegis on simple, to high profile, complex security installations. This powerful software provides a simple common user interface for various security and information subsystems operations. The operation of the CCTV, DVR, alarm, access control, intercom and lighting, whether they be a single manufacturer of each system component or multiple manufactures, can all be coordinated to provide a seamless, simple, consistent, and easy-to-use control point for operators.

Aegis has virtually unlimited integration capabilities and can be used in any monitoring or security environment where security officers are at a computer monitoring station. Training time is minimal. A new hire can learn to fully operate Aegis in a couple hours or less.

Aegis is easy to deploy and provides a way to add new capabilities to existing security systems offering cost savings that are realized by integrating legacy systems with newer systems of different brands without replacing already installed hardware. Installation time can be reduced by eliminating the need to hardwire equipment together.

Aegis is scalable. Some companies use it as the front end of a single system. Others, because of its full functionality, use it to monitor and manage situations at multiple facilities with numerous combinations of manufacturer’s equipment. Using the single interface, Aegis event automation capabilities and its ease-of-use, security personnel better monitor, control and respond to security and surveillance issues.

The end-user gets what they need now and a clear, unencumbered migration path for future security needs.


Aegis runtime is easy to learn and leads to better monitoring, management, and response within the security environment.


Aegis currently integrates with over 30 device manufacturers, with the capability to integrate more devices.


Management Console allows for incredible customization and implementation of Aegis’s full feature set.

Seer Digital Vision, KapLogic’s digital matrix switcher, brings standard analog switcher functionality to DVR/NVR video systems, including legacy video systems, providing increased digital video and PC computing power and flexibility. Seer provides a clear user interface, administrative utilities, user permissions, advanced security and encryption. The integration and mapping capabilities of KapLogic’s Aegis PSIM Intelligent Integration Software can be harnessed to integrate with Seer.


  • PTZ via hardware joysticks
  • Ability to configure and activate tours using any camera on the system
  • Create a preset tour using a single camera
  • Powerful salvo capabilities
  • Video switching from hardware keyboards
  • Fully integrated with Aegis (works with any Aegis video driver)

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